HerbaLife Shares Ways To Stay Vibrant While Fasting


Did not we ever think, whether our food intake today is good or not for the long term?

For that matter, Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia recently invited media and bloggers to attend a brief explanation on balanced diet during Ramadan which was shared by Herbalife Nutrition Nutrition Advisory Board Member, Associate Professor Dr. Hamid Jan bin Jan Mohamed.

Also present was Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia General Manager / Director, Mr Steven Chin.

With the objective of producing a healthy and happy society, Prof Madya Dr. Hamid believes Malaysians should practice balanced diet.

According to him, most people prefer nutrition rather than collecting rewards.

“In our thinking, if we have to eat rice, we have a glucose or sugar, so when we eat a meal in the morning, a few hours later we will get hungry, instead eating low GI or sugar.” Hamid.

He adds, preferably when the sate and breaks reduce the high salt and caffeine foods. Instead of eating foods that contain high carbohydrate and protein complexes, eat more fruits and vegetables.

Dr. Hamid advised us to drink more water even to get up early in the morning.

“This is so that the body is enough with water, we fast about 14 hours so be careful in choosing food,” he said.

In addition, Dr. Hamid also reminded not to waste food during the Ramadan by buying a variety of dishes or cakes in many numbers.

It’s best to cook at home, because the food is self-cooked and can be balanced.

“If eating out, we should not be sure of what’s being added, but there’s something bad that’s actually our passion that makes us want to eat it, but if the mind is strong, then your daily diet will be healthy, “added Prof.

He further hoped that Muslims should always take care of the portion of the food they took – half of carbohydrates, protein and fiber quarters.

If within a month our nutrition is unbalanced and it is clear, then weight will not go down, otherwise if eating a healthy diet is not only weight down but the body is also fresh and vibrant.

Meanwhile, Steven Chin has also said that adding a modest exercise during Ramadan is also the key to maintaining a healthy level of energy and weight.

“When practiced with healthy eating habits, one can confidently get a healthy, energetic and happy lifestyle during this blessed month,” added Steven.

Ending session discussion Dr. Hamid said that when a person is fasting, it is likely to be hungry. This process begins when a hungry stomach sends a ‘signal’ to the brain to show the need to eat and is often driven by the desire to get glucose or sweet foods.

“Therefore, it is advisable to break fast with some dates and a glass of water before eating heavy food. This way, hunger will be overtaken to cause them not to eat too much at a time,” he continued.

Indeed, the fasting month trains us to practice healthy and balanced nutrition, but it should be practiced in daily nutritional routines next month.

So as recommended by Herbalife Nutrition, you should always be careful about how daily diets do not go wrong and cause you to be less healthy.


By : Ina


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