POS Malaysia Reveals First-Ever Stamp Series Inspired by Marvel Super Heroes


Pos Malaysia Berhad unveiled its first-ever Marvel Super Hero-themed stamp series in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia.

The limited edition Marvel Super Hero Stamp Set pays homage to the Marvel comic books in honor of the year-long celebration for Marvel’s 80th Anniversary. The series will feature fan-favourite Marvel Super Heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man , Doctor Strange, Black Widow and Black Panther.

Pos Malaysia’s Senior Vice President Marketing , Schrene Goh said the “Marvel 80 Years” stamp collection is one of the must-have stamp titles particularly for Marvel fans as it comes in a unique, interesting comic book-inspired design.

“This stamp collection is undoubtedky a limited edition collectible as it showcases the realm of comic books and the Marvel universe which turned eighty years old this yeas as well as leveraging on the series of blockbuster movies depicting the sagas of these super-heroes. We grew up enthralled by the adventures of these superheroes and became acquainted by their characters and personas. Therefore, we are very ecstatic to rejoice each of these characteristics in this limited stamp series, commemorated within the stamp frame.” said

“It is also our hope that the introduction of such stamps would attract younger populating to collect stamps and rejuvenate the stamp collecting interest in this modern time” she added

Unlike the usual special stamp issuance, this collection which is a set will only be available for purchase in a complete folder set. It will not be sold separately. Due to its exclusive nature, this limited edition stamp series will be available for sale starting 4 July 2019 by pre-purchasing it at all 13 Genaral Post Offices nationwide or via our online store at www.eziemall.com

The complete Marvel Super Hero folder set consists of two sheets of perforated stamps, one imperforated stamp, two piece of souvenir covers, two pieces of post cards and one folder. The price of the complete set is RM 120 each.

Do get yours today as its limited edition, only 10,000 pieces.



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