iflix , Southeast Asia’s leading entertainment service, today announced the upcoming premiere of its next highly anticipated original production, Ombak Rindu The Series. All iflix users can watch free weekly episodes of the new show from Thursday, 5 December, 2019, on iflix.com and on the
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The new series unites Malaysian screen darlings Remy Ishak and Izara Aishah as Hariz and Izzah, a couple that must face near-insurmountable trials of their love in the romantic drama inspired by Fauziah Ansari’s best-selling book trilogy. In 2011 a movie adapted from the first book marked the first time a romantic drama would exceed RM10 million at the local box office, garnering industry recognition for the cast and director, and cementing its status as Malaysia’s biggest iconic romantic drama.

Eight years later, iflix, together with production partners Infinitus Productions and veteran director Osman Ali, will bring to life the remaining two books in a serialized format to complete the epic love story of Hariz and Izzah.

Dinesh Ratnam, iflix Malaysia Country Manager, shared, “Over the last eighteen months we have pivoted our offering and focused on providing high quality local content, in addition to making it available to everyone for free. We are extremely excited and passionate about working with local creators to adapt, expand and surface homegrown stories in an authentic manner that resonate with our audience.

The release of Ombak Rindu The Series marks another major milestone for us as we continue to make significant strides towards being the online destination of choice for mass market consumption of local content here in Malaysia.”
Mark Francis, iflix Chief Content Officer, said, “Ombak Rindu was and still is one of the most talked-about romantic dramas in Malaysia. But 8 years on from the original hit movie and fans are still waiting to see the conclusion to Izzah and Hariz’s story on screen. We’re excited to finally complete their saga with a bolder, more modern interpretation, performed by an amazing cast and delivered by the first movie’s visionary director, Osman Ali. Expect stunning locations, larger-than-life romance, and thrilling plot twists….this is no sleepy daytime TV soap.”
Gayatri Su-lin Pillai, Infinitus Productions Executive Producer, added,

“Looking back at the phenomenon which Ombak Rindu the movie created, we hope the fans will enjoy and be excited when Ombak Rindu The Series airs as there are so many elements that are being portrayed on screen – love, envy, revenge, jealousy, kindness, resentment and the value of family.” 

Osman Ali, Director of Ombak Rindu The Series, added, “We have this incredible opportunity to give fans of the original film an expanded experience of Ombak Rindu but also to introduce new audiences to this epic romantic drama with a fresh, new cast that includes Remy Ishak, Izara Aisha, Datin Diana Danielle, Hanna Aqeela, and Uqasha Senrose.”


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